Ferrite Phase Shifters and Other Waveguide Components and Subsystems

Continuing to support Radar and other RF Systems, as we have since 1969

Microwave Applications Group (MAG) became a California corporation in 1969 with the goal of supporting electronically scanning antenna (ESA) technology and other technologies where routing of RF signals is accomplished electronically. Towards this goal, MAG develops ferrite-based components and subsystems to allow realization of ESA systems and other electronically steered devices.

Production-quantity deliveries of components are provided economically and with good repeatability of outcome, but optimized for the particular system application. Designs are leveraged to fulfill newly discovered needs, while remaining faithful to proven ferrite-based technology.

The links at the top of the page offer a glimpse of the many different products we've developed and delivered–including those MAG continues to deliver–categorized by device type. MAG supports many well-known programs deployed on land, in the air, and on the sea. We provide devices and services for military, commercial, aerospace, government, and research applications.

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